At the advent of 21st century, the definition of governance has reinvented itself. Merely allocating the funds for the policy initiatives has given way to the new dimension of building more trust between citizens and governments by governments reaching out to the people in providing services at their doorstep. With information revolution and scope of Information Technology broadened, the state government found a new way to fill the trust deficit. ICT based E-Governance and M-Governance became handy tools in the hand of the state government to improve the services and its reach to attain socioeconomic objectives.

    Consequently, along with administrative reforms, the U.P State Unit of the National Informatics Centre has been applying the Information Technology to translate archaic public service delivery system into state-of-the-art, online and time saving architectures. This not only empowers the citizens by enhancing the democratic value and enabling access of public services near their homes, it also provides tools to the government to effectively and efficiently manage and monitor the various schemes, projects it has initiated for the people of the state and to carry out an impact analysis using scientific approach.Over the last 4-5 years NIC has been competently and fastidiously implementing e-governance in the state transforming Uttar Pradesh into a picture perfect mirror image of the modern day, progressive India. By placing both, sophisticated technologies and available resources in complimenting tandem, it harnesses some of the world best ICT innovations into good governance.