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Profile of UP State Centre, Lucknow


Welcome to the New and Improved UP.NIC.IN, the Official Website of NIC - Uttar  Pradesh State Centre Lucknow. NIC UPSC started  its services way back in 1988. Garlanded by Ganga and Yamuna, the two pious rivers of Indian mythology, Uttar Pradesh is a rainbow land where multi-hued Indian culture has blossomed from times immemorial. U.P. is the most populous and area wise, the fourth largest state of India. Its administration requires managing 18 Divisions, 75 revenue Districts, 341 tehsils, 1,06,774 villages and a vast population of over 19.96 crores spread over diverse geographical regions. The complexity of administering the state presents equally challenging opportunities for NIC in U.P. Since its inception in 1988, NIC UP State Centre has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to introduce IT culture & Internet services in the state, and is credited with pioneering many IT activities in the Government departments. 

Major Achievements of NIC in U.P.
  UPNICNET: UPNICNET is one of the ambitious MAN implementation by NIC UP State Centre over NICNET, consisting of approx. 5000 nodes in the state capital Lucknow. It uses OFC technology connecting 13 important buildings including Governor House, Assembly House, all the secretariat buildings & other state-owned Government buildings. UPNICNET has been a resource-shared project on a 50:50 basis between NIC and Govt. of U.P. The State Government is using all the important services i.e. Internet, FTP, Desktop VC, e-mail services to make its functions e-enabled. UP-NICNET is running smoothly since 1999, and is ever expanding. 

  Videoconferencing setup “Sir, I wish to present the VC setup in the entire state as a Birthday gift to you on 25th December 2001” said Shri. Rajnath Singh, the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India during the inaugural Videoconferencing session in the state on 2nd October’2001. NIC UP State Centre earned wide applause from all quarters & the distinction of inter-connecting all the districts of the state within two and a half months by the given deadline. In the beginning, NIC set up 73-node state-of-the-art DAMA based VC network in the state. The usage of the facility got another shot in the arm, when Hon’ble PM on 2nd January’2002, visited NIC’s VC Studio at 5 Kalidas Marg, the official residence of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh It was indeed a proud moment for NIC. Present on the occasion were H.E. the Governor and the Hon’ble CM of the state. NIC’s technical capabilities and services were fully demonstrated when the V.V.I.P. dignitaries had VC with few district officials. At present the videoconferencing set up is upgraded with latest equipments through fiber connectivity of 32Mbps in each districts. There are 120 Location in Utter Pradesh having Videoconferencing facility at state centre, commissionary level and all the districts of Uttar Pradesh. NIC UPSC organizes approx. 500+ conferences in Uttar Pradesh per month, which is highest in India. It includes video conferencing for state and central government departments, daily Jail court VC session for remand and hearing from state / central jail etc. We are also using desktop Videoconferencing and Mobile App based VC session from remote location.

  JudiciaryNIC has taken steps towards making the judiciary of U.P. into e-judiciary in the state. NIC Unit has taken all steps to introduce full automation at Allahabad High Court, its Lucknow bench and the district courts covering almost all facets of legal activity in the state. Apart from the dissemination of information through the web site "", a computerized “Public Judicial Enquiry Counter” at Allahabad High Court & its Lucknow bench caters to the information needs of the litigants coming from faraway places in the state. Touch screen kiosks have also been established at both the benches of High Court. All the District and outlying courts of the state are now fully computerized under the e-court MMP and details of all the cases can be checked at National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG). Mediation Centre at Allahabad High Court has also been automated and the process of automation of mediation centers in Lucknow bench and all the districts is in pipeline. The website for the mediation centre, Lucknow is also operational. Advocate General office is facilitating state government departments to monitor their pending cases of High Court through a portal developed by NIC. CAT Allahabad and Lucknow both are being facilitated to implement centralized software CIS. Lokayukt Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is in streamline to go ahead digitally with ICT support of NIC. 

  VYAS (VanijYakar Automation System) for Department of Commercial Taxes, Uttar Pradesh: Department of Commercial Taxes is the highest revenue-earning department with a collection of 476,900 million in the year 2015-2016, comprising 60% of the total revenue of the State. VYAS - An integrated e-Governance solution of Department of Commercial Taxes, Uttar Pradesh to provide effective and efficient system of collection of taxes based on progressive use of Information technology and to ensure an environment which is congenial for prospering of Trade & Commerce in the state of UP covering 1349 sector offices in 95 locations in 75 districts.                     more....... 

  AAPURTI–Public Distribution System, Food & Civil Supplies Dept, Govt. of UP: Automation of PDS as per National Food Security Act (NFSA) - 2013 has been introduced in Uttar Pradesh with the name “AAPURTI” with the objective of providing essential commodities to underprivileged sections of the society at subsidized rates. It is the largest network of PDS in India with more than 3.40 crore ration card holders, 15 crore beneficiaries and 79,288 Fair Price Shops.                more.......

E-Governance Initiatives :
  Automation of Government Treasuries: Centrailized Treasury System:  Computerization of treasury started way back in 1994. At present all the 77 treasuries and 1 PAO at New Delhi are computerized and are working on the central server. Key features of the centralized treasury system are online bill preparation and submission, e-payment through agencies bank, account compilation and submission of account to AG in softcopy, Preparation of pay bill of more than 9.8 Lakhs Government Employees, Disbursement of pension of more than 11.9 lakhs pensioners, Settlement of Group Insurance claims of State employees etc. In addition to this Centralized treasury system is integrated with Budget Allotment System, NSDL for New Pension Scheme, Integration with RBI For Online VAT receipt, For e-stamping scroll integrated with Stock Holding Corporation, With PFMS for monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes and integration with Manav Sampada for Medical Department Employees for their place of posting verification. http;// web site for MIS Purposes and for online e-receipt.

  Transport sector e-governance services: There are 76 ARTO/RTO offices of Transport Department spread over in 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh from where all the transport sector services are provided to the citizens. For providing online citizen centric services in transport sector, a National Transport Project was conceptualized and initiated as a State Mission Mode Project under NeGP, Government of India during the year 2009. As per CMV Act, Rules and UP SMV Taxation Act, Rules, VAHAN and SARATHI software were developed by NIC to cater ARTO/RTO offices functional requirements and citizen centric services. VAHAN software deals with Registration, Fitness, Taxation and Permits of vehicles and SARATHI deals about Driver Licensing. VAHAN 1.0 and SARATHI 2.0 have been implemented in all ARTO/RTO offices and regularly data are replicated on NIC cloud “Meghraj”. The above software has been made web enabled utilizing central architecture for giving online citizen centric services through VAHAN 4.0 and SARATHI 4.0 and being implemented since the year 2016 in the districts Barabanki, Lucknow, Kanpur etc. Online services such as - application and fee submission for learning/driving license, tax collection for other states & in UP registered vehicles, fancy number booking system, dealer point registration system, national permit authorization, viewing of vehicular data/financial data/ NOC data, E-challan etc. are operational only in UP.

  Land record Computerization: NIC has successfully tested in district Etawah, dissemination of land records information through the net. Another pilot project of integrating “Record of Right” and cadastral village map is underway and very soon the farmers can access village maps as well as the related land records data on the net. Board of Revenue of Uttar Pradesh also has plans to distribute copies of Khatauni (Record of Right) to the farmers through the computers being installed at tehsil headquarters in the state. NIC UP State Centre and its District centers are providing total IT solution for the project. 

  Online Pension System (ePension): This is complete workflow for online pension approval process for state government employees. The system is running for all offices of state located in 75 districts including 17 divisions. The retirement benefits (Pension, Family Pension, Retirement/Death Gratuity, Commutation) for Class I, II & III employees are sanctioned by 17 Divisional Offices and Pension Directorate. The digitally signed authorities (PPO, GPO, CPO) of pensioners are send to Treasuries online for the payment. Our respected senior citizens as pensioners of Government of U.P. can see status of their case status on website ( Pensioners gets SMS and E-mail at each stage of approval of process."

  Lucknow Nagar Nigam: NIC UP has implemented House Tax Assessment System and Birth and Death Registration System at Lucknow, Nagar Nigam (Municipal Corporation). There are more than 5,00,000 houses in all the eight (8) zones of Lucknow Nagar Nigam. Web site of Lucknow Nagar Nigam ( is enriched with information useful for citizen of Lucknow. Payment Gateway facility for paying the property tax has been provided to the citizen. Facility of Online mutation process will be enabled very soon.

  Land Registry: NIC UP State Centre made a thorough study of the software being implemented by NIC State Centres of Punjab and Haryana, and owes lots of gratitude for their support. The software received from them has been tuned to the needs of the Govt. of U.P and efforts are being made to implement it in the five pilot districts of the state as a citizen interface project.

  Chief Minister’s Grievance Monitoring System: The grievances received from general public are monitored through NIC’s File Monitoring Software throughout the state, including the office of Hon’ble Chief Minister of U.P. The system generates timely reminders and keeps track of file movement and action taken upon. 

  Web Based GIS Framework ‘SRISHTI’ ( Hosting of open source web GIS framework on ‘MEGHRAJ’ cloud for enabling different department of U.P. to use GIS maps for planning and monitoring of various schemes in the State. Framework is helping in finalization of District and State level schemes submitted by line departments, making queries on villages, generating various maps for analysis and decision making. It has given platform to host spatial data of Natural Resource Information System (NRIS) covering different layers such as Rail tracks, Road Network, Forest cover, Land use, Ground water, etc. Open Source technology such as Mapserver ,pgSQL, PostGIS, PHP, etc. have been used for development and hosing of the framework. ‘SRISHTI’ framework is being used for many applications for showing MIS data on spatially mapped locations. More than 2 Lakh KM road network data of PWD-UP has been linked with ‘SRISHTI’. Similarly more than 15 Lakhs of drinking water sources data has been linked for decision making on water quality of drinking water sources. As a brand name ‘SRISHTI’ is being used by different department for the use of GIS activities. 

  SPIDER (Sankhyikiya Patrika : Internet based Data Entry and Retrieval): SPIDER portal has been developed to collect online data on more than 4000 parameters from various socio-economic sectors like Agriculture and Allied Activities, Industry, Social Sector, Power, Transport and Communication, Banking, Urban Facilities, Rural Infrastructural Facilities etc. at village, block and district levels. Data are captured with reference to 31st March of every year from all the districts and Annual Statistical Handbook (Sankhyikiya Patrika) are regularly published for all the 75 districts and 18 divisions of the state consisting more than 100 tables/sub-tables. Currently 22 years of data based on SPIDER since the year 1995 onwards are available and current year is in progress. SPIDER has also a query system through which time series data can be viewed and utilized at village, block, district, division and state level for different decentralized planning purposes. It is also important to mention here is that village level basic amenities information are also available through the portal for every village of the state from the year 1995 onwards.           more......

e-Pariyojana Prabandhan: Top priority construction projects (road, drinking water, sewage/drainage projects of more than Rs 5.00 Crore and other projects of more than Rs 1.00 Crore) of Uttar Pradesh Government Development Agenda are first time have been conceptualized to monitor online according to set milestones within the projects so that completion of the projects can be done timely. In view of this e-Pariyojana Prabandhan project was conceptualized at the highest level of Government in coordination with NIC UP State Centre, Lucknow during the year 2015 and accordingly various discussions were held between NIC and State Government High Officials. After thorough system analysis a web based application was developed providing the facility to enter project details, milestones etc. by the Department in consultation with the Implementing Agency, progress of achieving milestones are updated by the Agency and progress are regularly reviewed by the Department, Planning Department and CM Office. Currently more than 4000 construction projects are being monitored through this application. This application has also the facility to generate Department, Agency and District wise reports.

  Budget ( Budget preparation and provisioning has been a most crucial and time-bound activity for the Finance department. However it is done once in a year but in between one, two or three supplementary budgets may follow for allocation of funds for new schemes or re-provisioning of funds for the existing projects or schemes. NIC has developed the application in Open-source technology using Spring MVC and PostgreSQL at the back-end. The application has 7 layers and hibernate classes for ORM framework which handles the transaction and session handling. Spring security features has been incorporated for login authentication and role assignment to the users. Jasper reporting tool has been used for developing Unicode hindi report writing. The application handles budget, supplementary budget, vote-on-account, SNDs (Schedule of New demand), receipt and public account modules.

  Entertainment Tax ( Department of Entertainment Tax is one of the major taxation departments which earn a big share of revenue for the state. The department deals with the entertainment tax agencies such as Multiplexes/Single Cinemas/Cable Operators/Entertainment tax parks etc. They are supposed to deposit their taxes against the income but the department lacked a proper monitoring mechanism. NIC developed a module for monitoring of attendances in movie shows against the sale of tickets through an online application developed for the purpose. The agencies need to fill a Form-B with the attendance immediately after the start of the show and sale of ticket through an online application or an android mobile application developed for the purpose. Also the major ticketing vendors have integrated our services with their application which shall push the data in the department’s server as soon as the tickets are sold. Another application has been developed for the department is for online issuances of licenses and permissions for the entertainment tax agencies. The software so far could not been implemented since the security audit of this application is pending. 

  UPHAAR – Uttar Pradesh Homeguards Automation & Rotation System ( UPHAAR is a unique e-governance model in Uttar Pradesh, developed to assign duties through Internet to thousands of home guards on monthly basis, who provide vital back up to the state police in U.P. in maintenance of law and order and internal security, help the community in any kind of emergency such as an air-raid, fire, cyclone, earthquake, epidemic.         more........ 

  Online SHASANADESH portal ( Online Shasanadesh Issuance System is a key initiative of Government of Uttar Pradesh towards e-governance. It has made all the Government Orders (Shasanadesh) available online on the Internet that can be accessed on anywhere anytime basis. The Secretariat Administration Department, GoUP has already made it mandatory that the GO’s issued after September 16, 2013 will be considered valid only after they are made available online. This has ensured transparency in the systems. Online Shasanadesh Issuance System has taken giant leap toward e-governance by providing summary of latest GO’s in the email-inbox of registered users.        more........ 

Significant Projects: ePariksha for Online Recruitment Process, Rainbow applications for UP Vidhan Sabha Election, eDistrict to provide online services to citizens, eScholarship, Integrated Social Pension System, U.P. Rani Lakshmi Bai Mahila Samman Kosh Portal, Integrated Grievance Redressal System, Commercial Tax Computerisation , Food & Civil Supplies Computerisation, Home Guards Deployment System, Urban Local Body Computerisation, Lohiya Grameen Awas Yojana, U.P. Vidhan Sabha Online Prashnottar Pranali, Drug Sale Licensing Application (DSLA), ‘Shashanadesh’ – the GO Portal of the State, e-Parinay Patra - A Web based application to facilitate On-line Registration of Hindu Marriage, eProcurement (Tender Management System), Online Treasury System, Vahan - Vehicles Information System, Saarthi - Driving License Issuance System, Education Recruitment & Transfer System, Land Records Computerisation, UPTU Counselling, Online Admission to Lucknow University, Centralised Budget Allotment System, Online Revenue Court Management System, Online Drug Procurement and Inventory Control System (DPICS), District Jail & District Court Video Conferencing and Panchayat Enterprise Suite for transforming Gram Panchayats into eGram Sachivalaya, Web Services, Part of its policy decision, the Government of U.P. has hosted its website on ""  as the official web site of Uttar Pradesh, for all of its 85 departments and 75 districts. As on date, a total of 378 web sites have been put on the web. For the purpose, total IT support, including development, hosting and maintenance of respective websites has been provided by NIC UP State Centre.  

  NIC District Units The district units of NIC in U.P., as all over India have been providing major I.T. support to the district administration & other district level offices of both the Central & State Government Departments. Providing reliable IT consultancy & IT solutions by NIC District Units even in remote areas has proved to be a major help to the Government machinery. The experience gained by the U.P. Government’s officers practically using the skills available with NIC in their field operations, makes them exude confidence in NIC’s capabilities during their state & directorate level postings.

Training Regular training and refresher programmes for the personnel of the both the State and Central Government departments, as well as Technology update programmes for NIC officers is a routine exercise at all NIC centers in U.P., which have been appreciated by various beneficiary departments & participants. NIC UP State Centre’s well-equipped training labs ensures 1:2 man-to-machine ratio, during all of its training programmes. Regular Technology update sessions by corporate sector like Microsoft , Oracle, Cisco, AMD etc. Apart from this National Informatics Centre, Uttar Pradesh State Centre enrolls final year MCA students from various educational institutions for undertaking full semester project work. This training is on the job training.

   Awards of Excellence The efforts of NIC UP State Centre and its officers have been appreciated right since the inception of NIC in U.P. The first was the award of President of India’s medals to six NIC officers in 1992 for their contributions towards successful computerization of “Census of India, 1991”. The recent being an award by the Government of U.P. to three NIC officers in the year 2001, for their contribution towards Treasury computerization process. Recognition of contributions of NIC UP officers by the current National Executive of Computer Society of India also demonstrates NIC’s dedication to further the cause of I.T. in U.P.

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