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NIC is known all over the Country for providing one of the best platforms for getting trained in the field of Information Technology. Training at NIC has proved to be immensely beneficial for the staff of Government Departments etc. in bringing about cultural and attitudinal change pertaining to their way of functioning. From awareness creation of senior officials, to routine programming and operational training of the staff at the working level, NIC's training facilities encompass all kinds of courses for various levels of officials.

The training division of NIC-UPSC is duly equipped with hi-tech multimedia systems and state-of-the-art lecture/convention halls. The facilities include the capacity to conduct four training programmes simultaneously with a man-machine ratio of 1:1 in practice sessions. Regular Training Programmes to update the skills of the in-house staff are also held throughout the year.

In addition, NIC UPSC offers immense training opportunities in well planned and professionally managed training courses not only on various computer related topics, both in English and Hindi, but also on the application of IT in key sectoral areas.

Types of Training Programmes
1. Government Informatics Training Programme
2. Technology Update Programmes for NIC Professionals
3. Customised Programmes for the Corporate Sector