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The spectrum of services provided by NIC encompasses various dimensions of the Information Technology Arena and can be broadly listed as under:


True to its commitment of providing complete IT based solutions, NIC provides extensive consultancy services to its clients. Right from predicting the users’ IT needs to undertaking complete Turnkey solutions. Some of the services in this area include the following:

  • Business Requirement Analysis & Mapping/Re-engineering
  • Undertaking feasibility studies and Software Requirement, Specification to identify the prospective areas of automation and IT applications
  • Setting up complete ‘on-site’ infrastructure
  • Procuring necessary hardware
  • Installing customized software
  • Facilitating the integration and maintenance of diversified systems belonging to various architectures and environments
  • Providing intensive training to the personnel from the user organizations in using the various applications for their work.
  • Maintenance Support


Software Design & Development

One of the major strengths of NIC lies in the area of producing quality software at low cost . Since NIC is working at the grass root levels of the development administration, its expertise is not limited only to software engineering but also lies in the area of implementing it in various sectors of the economy. Thus it possesses Domain expertise as much as expertise in the field of software development, a fact that provides NIC with a solid foundation in the Software Development Process. The various Departments as well as State Centres of NIC are constantly in the pursuit of developing state-of-the-art application software which is customized to the users needs. These Application software packages are completely indigenous and user friendly and are intended to bring the benefits of the latest advancements in IT to the Government’s doorsteps.



NIC provides effective Networking Solutions of all kinds to its clients ranging from installation of entire networks to providing specialized services over Networks such as Video Conferencing, Electronic Data Interchange etc. The basic network services include setting up the Local Area Network (LAN), the Virtual Private Network or providing the Intranet Solution at the User's premises as per the requirement. For identifying the prospective areas where networking can be optimally utilized, NIC carries out extensive Feasibility Studies while proposing a solution to the User. Having a strong backbone support of NICNET, NIC provides all kinds of VSAT based services such as CDMA, SCPC, FTDMA, DirecPC, IP Advantage and also the RF (wireless) Technology to its User Organizations.

* Networking technologies at NIC

VSAT Services

Wireless Access

Lan Technologies

E-mail Services


Internet Services

Internet was evolved into one of technology’s greatest democracies, permitting the passage of all kinds of information carries crossing with full freedom. NIC has taken upon itself the ask to make sure that India becomes an active member of the ‘Global Village’ as created by the INTERNET.

The Internet services of NIC are provided through NICNET, NIC’s satellite based computer communication network, which is a prominent Gateway of Internet in India.

The range of Internet Services being provided by NIC includes:

  • Electronic mail
  • WWW Browsing
  • File transfer Facility
  • Remote Login
  • Directory Services
  • Gateway to SMTP/UUCP


Web Site Development & Hosting

After the commercialization of Internet, World Wide Web is experiencing a revolution of unmatched magnitude. In India too, hundreds of organizations are launching their websites daily. NIC provides value added services in this area to facilitate Govt. Sector in India to have an effective presence on the Net.

Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Multimedia work stations and chosen professional in the field of conceptualization, visualization, graphic arts,script writing, web & multimedia authoring and programming, NIC strives to provide a competitive solution to all your web needs.The entire gamut of web services include:

  • Web site Design & Development
  • Web page Hosting & Maintenance
  • Review of Web Sites
  • Enhancement of Existing Web Sites

NIC maintains state-of-the-art web servers ( at its Headquarters which currently hosts around 800 web sites providing extensive information about various aspects of the Indian Governmen and also ( at state Level (UP)

For more information about NIC's Web Site Development & Hosting services, visit

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Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing is changing the way companies do business. It is bringing decision-makers together, face-to-face, wherever they are, across the country or around the globe. Experts from remote locations can interact with each other in real time. It is bringing education and training to corporations and to students around the world. By providing strong lines of visual, graphical and multimedia communication, Videoconferencing opens the lines in every area - business, government, educational institutions and healthcare facilities.

With 9 years of experience in Videoconferencing Technology, National Informatics Centre's technical expertise is unmatched in the country. NIC is currently providing videoconferencing services from 206 cities in India including all north-eastern state capitals over its high speed satellite based network called "NICNET". This is the largest videoconferencing network in India, spread across length and width of the country. The advantage of using satellite based communications is that it can deliver high speed data and provide videoconferencing at remote locations, which were earlier not easily accessible.

NIC is also providing Videoconferencing services from many Central and State Government Ministries using ISDN lines.

"Anytime Any Where Videoconferencing Services" of NIC, using Portable VSAT and portable Videoconferencing, is widely being availed by various NICNET users. This service can be utilized to provide temporary Videoconferencing service for conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and other important events.


Electronic Commerce

NIC has been providing VAN services over NICNET for the past many years now. As part of its efforts to introduce and develop Electronic Commerce services in India, NIC has set up a state-of-the-art EC server on NICNET. This server is based on Trading Post and incorporates the latest of technologies in the areas of Internet, World Wide Web (WWW), EDI, Mailing Systems and Directory Services to provide an integrated EC solution to trading partners subscribing to this service. The service has the capability to create Trading Communities, for exchanging business information in one or a variety of formats. This has led to a simplification of procedures at the User's end and reduction in cycle time, as the document routing can be programmed (in the EC server), by incorporating business rules of the community.

In order to meet the need of exchanging documents (for communities like customs and ports) in specified EDIFACT format, NIC has also designed and developed an integrated EDI Client software called ELink which effectively undertakes Conversion and Communication.


Office Automation

Being the Information Technology wing of the Government of India, NIC regularly undertakes the job of computerization of Government Departments, Ministries and the Offices of other related organizations. Complete Office Automation is carried out, right from conducting software requirement specification and site preparation to procuring and installing all necessary hardware and customised software. NIC endeavors to provide complete MIS Support to the User organization and keeps updating the Users on their information requirements from time to time. It also implements Projects on a turnkey basis, wherein NIC provides the services at no profit (cost plus) , thus ensuring enormous savings to the Users as compared to what would be charged by the commercial hardware and software consultants.

The automation of Government Offices, carried out by NIC over time, has resulted in a substantial transformation of the decision making process from the usual typing-oriented methods, to hi-tech word processing , with concomitant benefits in the form of improved staff productivity , better quality documents and faster dissemination of information. The Office Automation also includes providing electronic mail services to the Users, ideal for achieving a fast pace of communication and lessening the cumbersome postal delays.